Lake Toba

A long time ago , there was a poor farmer . He lived in a small bamboo hut near his rice field. He lived with other farmer in the village.
One day , he wanted to catch some fish for his dinner. Just as he caught a big and fresh fish , he hears a voice. “Please don’t kill me. If you let me live and put into your rice field , you will have your dinner on your dinning table.”
“ No problem ,” said the farmer.
When the farmer went home , he was surprised . His dinner was already set on the table.
Another day , he went to the rice field and looked for the fish. He heard some voice, “I’m here, near you.” Suddenly , there was a beautiful girl beside him. Of course he was very surprised. “Are you the fish that I caught yesterday?”
“Yes , I am. Thanks for your help. Would you like marry me ?” Replied the girl.
“Of course. I would be honored,” said the farmer happily.
“But one condition. Never tell our children that I was once a fish,” added the girl.
“I give you my words,” Promised the farmer.
Well … After one year , they had a son. They called him Sam.
Years later , the mother asked Sam to bring lunch to his farmer at the rice field. Feeling hungry , the boy ate his father’s lunch on the way. Knowing this , the farmer was angry. “You are a naughty boy! You won’t be a good boy because you are actually a son a fish!”
The boy cried and told his mother what he had heard from his father. The mother went to the rice field and said angrily , “you have broken your promise. Now must be punished.”

Then , she left her husband . And suddenly … A big tide came and engulfed the village. The flood made a deep vast lake. People call it call Lake Toba.

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